The Power Thursday Online Museum
The emergence of a new trend in 2008 has already made itself evident in North
America and other nations across the globe.  All over, fellow citizens are re-adopting
the once nearly lost tradition of Power Thursday.  This ancient tradition has become
such a craze that nearly everyone is touched in some way by it’s power.  Even sports
teams have found their once loyal fans cheering harder for the fact that it’s Thursday
than for a touchdown for their hometeam!
What is Power Thursday?

For many of us embedded in the rigorously
routine schedule of the 5 day work week,
Thursday has long been the unsung hero of
the weekdays.  Overshadowed by
T.G.I.Fridays, Hump Wednesdays, and
peoples general hatred for Mondays and
Tuesdays, Thursdays have maintained this
underdog status for too long.  To rebuild
appreciation and awareness of this most
excellent almost-the-end-of-the-weekday,
the Power Thursday high council has
re-instituted the ancient, sacred, and nearly
lost tradition of Power Thursdays. Once
celebrated worldwide across a spectrum of
cultures, Power Thursday has evolved to
embody the final surge of sheer power
needed to push one's spirit through to the

For more information regarding Power
Thursday, or to become a part of this
sacred weekly tradition please contact  
Power Thursday
2007 Archive
This week’s image was selected because of the artistic way it catalyzes a
diverse series of powerful emotions.  A surface glance conveys humor as
one laughs at the funny image of a pudgy clown playing jump rope with link
sausages.  But upon closer examination, one realizes that this clown
actually appears sad and is perhaps being teased by a cruel ringmaster
who is forcing her to ruin otherwise perfectly edible sausages (her meat
product of choice.)  The makes you feel guilty for having thought it was
funny but then you realize that this clown is actually performing in a park so
they probably aren’t affiliated with any malevolantl 3 ring circus
organizations but more likely for the city’s parks and recreation
department.  This irony inflicts a satisfied feeling of humor and a sense of
closure.   Clearly the artist is trying to illustrate how humor has the power to
entertain, heal and facilitate self awareness.  Wow.
It's time to RIDE THE SHARK.
Today (1.31.2008): When he told the
people of the village that he was going to
build a city of eggs, they all laughed and
scoffed at him.   But the next Thursday
morning, when the first rays of the
morning sun revealed the mountainside
that overlooked their village, they were
shocked and amazed to see that where
there was once bare rock, there now
stood a glorious city of eggs.  If he could
build an entire city of eggs, just imagine
what we can do with with our modern
As the tradition of Power Thursday carries on,  we must strive to maintain the
purity of tradition which keeps the Power flowing strong like a mighty river.  
Beyond the obscurity of symbolism there lies a true power for us all to
embrace.  A power free of dogma and rhetoric.  With that said, let us all Bend
the Bar with our spirits and propel our souls into the weekend knowing that that
yet another accomplished Power Thursday is behind us.
Feel the Love.
If ever you find yourself thinking – “man, is Power Thursday ever intense…”
just remember that it isn’t as intense as it used to be back in the day of
mythical monsters and magical woodland creatures when one might typically
have to do battle with a nazgul or a three headed lion bird lizard thing or
It's Power Thursday...make yourself useful.
Fear not, yon weekday ritualist…for your quest to the weekend
is nearly complete.
We’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes to  
power through this Thursday.
Due to a recent series of complaints regarding a lack of depth or metaphor
in the traditional weekly Power Thursday motivational caption, the Power
Thursday High Council has put in place a person in charge of handling such
issues.  So moving forward, if you’ve got a problem, you’re more than
welcome to take it up with him…if you dare.
May the Power of Thursday be the unseen hand that guides yon ball to strike
down the pins.  And may previous days of the week be like the first pins with
which thy ball connects and that helps knock down the other pins with which the
ball doesn’t connect.  And may all these pins collide and fall and be swept away
by the metaphorical giant mechanical thing at the end of the alley that is our
That special time has done come upon us once again so let’s all put the
pedal to the metal and blast on through today at full throttle and power on
through to the weekend
As we all know, the greatest innovations and evolutions would have never taken
place without a courageous and powerful vault into the future.  Much in the
same way, we must power through each and every Thursday yet to come with
the faith that if we strive to actualize the pure embodiment of Power Thursday
then Friday will be upon us once again leading us into the bountiful fruits of the
While barreling through the vast expanse of the weekdays, Power Thursday is a
perfect moment to take the highest vantage point and scope out the Oasis of
the weekend...fear isn't a mirage.
Let not this week drag on, rather power on through this Thursday and drag ye
yon week straight on through to the weekend.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  
Picture – if you wish – every forthcoming moment laid out before you
one after another starting from right here now on this Power Thursday.  
Let the power of the unseen hand (of your soul) push forth with great
momentum and set off the ultimate inertia that activates the unfolding
chain of your destiny.  Exelcior!!!
Visualize yourself last night as you were going to bed…but instead of laying down in your
bed (or on your buddy’s couch or whatever), you lowered yourself into a giant cannon.  
This cannon fired this morning when you awoke with the explosive / raw / gunpowder-like
energy of Power Thursday.  Once you have propelled through this day, you will only have
the metaphorical force of gravity which will bring you to the cradling net of the weekend.  
Only a couple more swords to swallow until the weekend...
It's Power Thursday...Rack em' and sink them all.
Think of it like this people…
The more you can cram and stuff and pack and jam into today, the less you will have to jam and pack and
stuff and cram into tomorrow…thus making your ride to the oasis of the weekend  much smoother.

Power Thursday is upon us once again.  Take a deep breathe and feel the
electrical energy absorb into your spirit.  Feel it elevate your soul.  As you
breathe out, the surge of pure power fills your sails and lets you soar
through the final tasks of the week and into the temporary eternal bliss of
the weekend.
No longer are we encased and surrounded by weekdays.  Most of them are behind
us now and the light at the end grows nearer and brighter.  Let us power through
this routine shell and onto the true meaning of our existence as we know it … the
This is it folks.  We have finally crossed the threshold - the event horizon into the greatest
point of the week.  Let the Power carry you with great momentum into the bounty of the
weekend.  There is no turning back!  Harness the raw unfiltered energy and let it fuel your
soul etc
Power Thursday is upon us once again!  Harness the unbridled energy that erupts
from every pore of the Universe on this special day and anything is possible!!!  No task
is insurmountable! Today is not the day to back down but rather to power through
fearlessly onto the weekend.
This is  IT  people.  Keep your eyes on the prize and reach for it.
 The weekend is nearly within our grasp.
Power Thursday is upon us once again! Today is the day to seize control of the
week and soar into the glory of the weekend.  With your willpower energized by the
endless supply of soulfuel that is interlaced into the matrix of the day we know as
Thursday, you can skyrocket beyond the routine horizons of this 5 day process
into the great celebration of its accomplishments.
Power Thursday has dawned upon us once again, beaming a ray of hope
which now shines upon the shores of the weekend.  It’s time to take the reigns
and harness control over this week, blasting onward into the splendors of
extracurricular bliss, leaving behind the chores we once faced.  They will soon
be forgotten memories, superimposed by the plethora of options which await.
Can you feel it?  It’s there all around you.  There’s even some behind your ear..  It’s
EVERYWHERE.  Dig deep and harness the Power.  Feel it course through your soul
and guide you through the tasks of today.  Let it charge you up for the joyful paradise
we know as the weekend. Soon there will be nothing but absolute bliss.

Power Thursday is upon us at last!  The harness that connects you to this mighty
force will not tie you down, rather set you free into the splendor of the weekend.  
So grab on and let it’s unseen hand guide you through the days tasks and soon
enough it will be Friday…and rest assured that it is not the hand of a malevolent
puppet master that possesses you upon this day, rather one of sacred ancient
love and wisdom.
The chain reaction of weekdays has finally culminated to now.  At last we have
reached critical mass and with the ignition one last explosive burst of POWER, we
may kindle the glorious flame of the weekend!
In response to the outcries of dismay from the lack of a fresh Power Thursday inspirational I
would like to clarify that Power Thursday goes on (as it has for centuries) with or without a
caption. Such a sacred energy could not possibly be truly and  wholly embodied in any form
(physical or digital) so let us not get caught up in the icon lest we may wander from the true
path of power that will lead us into the glory of the weekend.  Go deep people…yet not so
deep that we bury our heads and lose touch with the true meaning of this joyous day of the
The time has come once again to tap and unleash our inner Power to guide us
through these final motions of the week and on into the blissful fountain of the
weekend.  Feel it emanate from the core of your very soul as it guides your fingers
across keyboard, pounding out the final transmissions of information that you will be
obligated to contribute for this week.  Soon we can let our spirits fly free!!
That special day of the week has arrived at last!  Tap into the infinite
generator of Power Thursday and feel its mighty charge flow through your
soul.  Feel its energy give you strength as you POWER through the last tasks
of the week and onto the glory of the weekend.
This week, we’d like to send out a special Power Thursday salute to a truly inspiring little
earth dweller – the tardigrade.  Although these little fellers, also delightfully known as  Water
Bears won’t grow much bigger than 1.5 mm in their life, their vast POWER can serve as an
inspiration to us all.  Next time you find yourself overwhelmed by a stack of reports or a high
pressure presentation, just think to yourself…”well, I guess I could be  tardigrade and I could
be dealing with surviving for 10 days floating in the void of outer space in a total frozen
vacuum only occupied by 1000X the radiation here on earth!”  

Tardigrades of the world – we salute you!
Earlier this week we all set forth and embarked along our line of duty and at last we have
achieved this most special day.  Harness the power and stay strong!  Stray not from the
path lest ye tumble into the seemingly void abyss of procrastination which only truly ends
with a bone crushing workload.  Let the POWER of Thursday fuel and focus your
intentions through these final routine steps of this week and onto the pure glory of the
Can you feel it?  The Power of Thursday is all around you at last! Electrifying the
air, the surge of abundant inspirational energy surrounds and  permeates our souls
, infusing us with the ability to conquer this weeks tasks.  Tapping the technology
that we have at our fingertips, we can harness this mighty power and soar into the
magnificence of the weekend!
Each step that we have taken through the journey of this week has brought upon this moment at
last! For now we see the light at the end of the tunnel and can power on through with the
assurance that this journey through the darkness will result in our emergence into the light.  Yet
be not like the moth, who puts self preservation to the side and immolates himself in his blind
struggle to reach the source.  Harness the Power Thursday energy and let it guide you through
these last few steps that ye must tread  in order to complete your pilgrimage through the
shadows and on to the incandescent glory of the weekend.
Feel it all around you? The air is charged with Power Thursday energy!  
Breathe it in deeply…In through the nose, out through the mouth (like a
snake.)  Let it mentally floss your thoughts, keeping them pure and
focused on the last remaining tasks in this week’s duties.  Soon this
daily grind will be in the past, and together  we shall all prevail in
celebration of the weekend!
Sometimes we all feel a little overwhelmed by the mass of duties that falls
upon our shoulders and it seems like even the pure energy of Power
Thursday isn’t even adequate to pull us through.  But forget ye not that
we work as a gestalt, and much like nuclear fusion, the energetic mass of
our forces combined sums to  a greater total that forms an nearly
unstoppable powerhouse that can overcome any task.  So not only
should you tap the Power but share it and spread it, adding fuel to the
furnace that drives us all into the pure glory of the weekend.
At last the most glorious weekday is upon us once again!  Yet don’t get too
caught up! Make sure that you maintain your focus and persevere over the
last steps on the path of this week.  Don’t rush and stumble for we all know
that through resilience and determination, it is the carefully placed slow
and steady steps that will lead us to the destination of this pilgrimage…the
promised land…
The weekend.
The moment is upon us once again!  Now is the time to grab
on to the reigns and harness the power that gives you the
strength to hold on and persevere through these final motions
of the week.  It’s the Power of Thursday and if properly
focused, it can fuel the accomplishment of any task that lies
between us and the glory of the weekend.
On this day, it matters not if you are black or white or even a
visitor from another planet….today is Thursday and we are all
in it together – unless of course you are in Canberra, or
Brisbane or Sydney (in which case it is already Friday and
practically the weekend so thanks for Powerin’ through
mates!)  …also thanks to Tokyo, Seoul and Vladivostok!  
Soon we will all be basking in the glory of the weekend as one
unified planet (and maybe even galaxy….someday)
Here we make our stand deep within the days of
this week.  Outnumbered by tasks, this may seem
like our darkest hour as we are overshadowed by
the imminence of our duties.  But forget ye not that
it is darkest before dawn, and by harnessing the
mighty POWER of Thursday, we can overcome the
struggle for victory over this week.  And along with
this victory there shall come the bountiful spoils of
the weekend in all of its glory.
Today as many of us seat ourselves before a mighty Thanksgiving
feast let us not forget the true meaning of this special occasion.  
Forget ye not the reasons for which we are all thankful.  Let us send
our respect and great thanks to our ancestral pioneers for coming to
this new world and saving this great land from the wrath of the giant
monster turkeys which once lurked and stalked the countryside.  You
can be assured that to them, the Power of Thursday was a necessity
in their struggle to overcome these fowl beasts and make this
continent safe for all to live on.

And for those of us who have already celebrated this occasion…let
us continue our thanks for each and every day that we walk out the
door without the fear of being slain by a gigantic monster turkey is a
day that we live in the land of the free.
Our journey has taken us deep into the bowels of the week and we are now deep in
the valley of duty and weekly responsibilities.  It may seem that your pending tasks
are now like giant monsters  towering above you  threatening to trample your spirits
with their rampaging imminence.  But fear ye not  for by absorbing the Power of
Thursday you can magnify your  potential and rise to their heights to take control of
the situation.
 At last we can breathe deep and let the soulfuelling Power Thurdsay energy infuse our
bodies.  As you inhale, your lungs are the bellows which focus the Power Thursday energy
to feed the flame of your spirit. Let it charge your heart with the knowledge that each
breath you take is one breath closer to the sweet refreshing breeze of the weekend.  
Today (12.18.2008): Another day has brought upon us yet another round of duties.  And
while the battle to make it through this week may seem insurmountable at times,rest ye
assured that there is a force that surrounds us all and, when harnessed, fills our souls with
a second wind.  Feel the adrenaline rush through to your fingertips as the POWER of
Thursday gives you the strength to conquer this week and rise to the glory of the weekend.